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Client Feedback - Louise

Aug 27th 2020

PT session at the Gym:  I have been training with Aniiss 3 times a week. Over the past month I have been using more weights, performing Dead Lifts, practicing pull-ups, pushing and pulling weights and many more new exercises. At the age of 44 I feel amazing! My body looks and feels stronger and fitter than ever. I always look forward to my PT sessions, Aniiss always makes them different and fun.

My fitness goal was to become a stronger and more flexible climber. Now that the climbing centre is open, I have been able to try out my improved body strength. The routes that I previously found difficult are now much easier to complete. I'm so proud of myself and very happy with Aniiss' unique training techniques. I would highly recommend Aniiss, so get in contact with him people, you won't regret it!

Client Feedback - Eve Yasmin
May 16th 2020

Aniiss is a fantastic trainer, he really pushed me and helped me achieve amazing results to get my shape more defined for my music video and photoshoots. It really is worth it to have a personal trainer and you want to have someone who really motivates you as Aniiss does. Thank you Aniiss for being so supportive of my music and helping me in my fitness journey.

Client Feedback - David
Aug 27th 2020

I stood on the scales soon after lockdown began and realised I was heavier than ever. After seeing the amazing progress my wife, Louise had made after only 2 months, I decided to contact Aniiss. I am a keen indoor climber but my lack of strength was really holding me back. I also had very painful knee problems for around a year and had been told by a physiotherapist to work on strenghtening my legs to make the pain go away. After a short chat with Aniiss about my knee problem and goals, he came up with a training plan, and I started training 3 times a week.
I've now trained with Aniiss for four months. I no-longer have knee problems, have lost around half a stone, and my climbing has improved around 2 grades, as I am much stronger, more flexible and have improved my balance. I couldn't really have been happier with where I'm at, but I am going to continue training with Aniiss to see how far I can push my strength and fitness.

Client Feedback - Charlie
Sep 14th 2020

Aniiss has been my trainer for almost 6 years. His training sessions are extremely challenging yet so much fun. However the training is not for the faint hearted. Be prepared to train hard or go home. There is no time to talk. In as little as 45 mins you have worked every muscle you can imagine in your body. Your body will change dramatically and your strength will be incredible. Aniiss asked me to train one day and I was so impressed by the intensity and diversity in which he uses the gym floor and equipment and my body felt amazing for it. His fun, outgoing, eccentric personality is enough to make anyone smile and have fun whilst training. He is courteous, polite, honest and loyal. He empowers you through his training sessions filling you with so much confidence in the gym and he has become one of my best friends. Aniiss is highly recommended such a pleasure to work with.